Flint Hills Regional Council

Welcome to the Flint Hills Regional Council

Enhancing the economic viability and improving the quality of life through regional collaboration in the Flint Hills.

2021-2026 FHEDD Plan
Final As Submitted to EDA

The FHEDD's Vision:

Increase regional prosperity by being a globally competitive, business-friendly region, comprised of healthy communities that sustain a high-quality of life.

Supporting Our Largest Economic Generator
Fort Riley & Surrounding Communities

Who We Serve

2022 Service Area


The Flint Hills Regional Council (FHRC) serves local Kansas governments to provide services of mutual benefit to the Flint Hills Region that are best gained from cooperation and partnership.

The FHRC also serves its 23 member jurisdictions and is the administrator of the seven (7) county Flint Hills Economic Development District (FHEDD), as designated by the Economic Development Administration (EDA).

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