Flint Hills Regional Council

Welcome to the FHRC

Welcome to the FHRC

Enhancing the economic viability and improving the quality of life through regional collaboration in the Flint Hills.

2021-2026 Flint Hills Economic Development District Plan - Final As Submitted to EDA

FHEDD's Vision Statement

Increase regional prosperity by being a globally competitive, business-friendly region, comprised of healthy communities that sustain a high-quality of life.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Survey

Flint Hills ED District Plan - Proposed Strategies Survey

Strategic Direction #1 - Business Support, Economic Diversification, & Economic Development Infrastructure

Strategic Direction #1 - Business Support, Economic Diversification & Economic Development Infrastructure

Strategy 1.1. - Build external awareness of the region's assets among prospect employers, investors and corporate relocation professionals to attract new businesses and industries to our region.

Strategy 1.2. - Support and facilitate the retention and expansion of existing regional businesses.

Strategy 1.3. - Provide a sufficient supply of economic growth supportive infrastructure.

Proposed Strategy 1.4. - Promote the Flint Hills as a Destination for Cultural, Historical, & Outdoor Recreational Opportunities.


Strategic Direction #2 - Talent Attraction & Retention

Strategy 2.1. - Continue to enhance the capacity & productivity of the region's pre-K to 20 educational institutions & implement dual-credit programming.

Strategy 2.2. - Increase the number of recent graduates remaining in our region to live and work.

Strategy 2.3. - Provide support to transitioning soldiers leaving the military--helping to make connections to employment, education, and/or social networks so they make our region their home.

Strategy 2.4 - Develop medical education capacity in the region and increase support for mental health services.

Strategy 2.5. - Improve the attraction and retention of talent to the region.

Strategy 2.6. -Construct & rehabilitate diverse, high-quality, and suitable housing for regional labor force sustainability.

Strategy 2.7. - Provide quality of place environments & amenities that enhance community, appeal to and attract professionals across all economic sectors, and enhance tourism.

Strategy 2.8. - Work to overcome fundamental challenges individuals and families are facing that impact their ability and/or desire to make this region their home including basic human need resources such as childcare, access to healthcare, employment with competitive salaries, suitable housing, healthy food options, adequate infrastructure, and community assets that support healthy lifestyles, and recreational & social opportunities that promote connectivity and enhance sense of belonging.

Strategy 2.9. - Support the continuation of enhanced online tools for individuals to connect their skills to employment opportunities specifically within our seven-county region.

Strategic Direction #3 - Supporting Innovation & Entrepreneurialism

Strategy 3.1. - Grow and Diversify the Innovation Ecosystem throughout the Region.

Strategy 3.2. - Enhance Support for Entrepreneurs of all Ages

Strategic Direction #4 - Recovery, Disaster Preparedness & Resiliency

Strategy 4.1. - Identify and Support Efforts that Assist in Creating a More Resilient, Sustainable Region.

Strategic Direction #5 - Partnerships, Funding Strategy Development & Plan Implementation

Strategy 5.1. - Create Partnerships, Leverage Resources, & Obtain Grant Funding to Move Priorities Forrward.

Strategy 5.2 - Support the FHRC in their Role to Administer the Flint Hills Economic Development District through Plan Updates, Coordination of Plan Implementation, and Tracking & Reporting Implementation Progress.

Strategy 5.3 - Utilizing Regional Needs Assessment System for Identified Unfunded Needs so that FHRC & Regional Partners can Assist in Developing Funding Strategies.

Strategy 5.4 - Communicate Plan Progress Publicly Through the Online Dashboard.

To Our Flint Hills Business Family,

You are our backbone; what makes our communities our communities. You support us by providing the things we need through this journey we call life. From helping the freshly minted driver buy their first car, to providing a place for us to watch our favorite sporting events and grab a bite to eat, to helping us find the perfect gift for a loved one, and everything between, you have been there for us. Now, it is our turn to be there for you.

Supporting Our Largest Economic Generator - Fort Riley & Surrounding Communities

Supporting Redevelopment Opportunities