Next Board Meeting:

The FHRC board will hold its next board meeting at the Technology Development Institute at 510 McCall Rd, Manhattan on July 19 at 9 a.m.

New LMI Data Available!

The 2016-2020 Low to Moderate Income data is now available on the Housing and Urban Development Exchange website. Search the data for your community at this LINK.

Needs Assessment

Communities can let us know what their grant needs are by submitting requests through the Flint Hills Regional Council Needs Assessment page located here. To watch the BIL community needs assessment session, click here.

Flint Hills - Fort Riley Connect

FHRC updates annually a manual which is connection resource for residents and stakeholders within Fort Riley and the surrounding community and aims to facilitate education and communication. Click HERE to download the manual.

The Flint Hills Regional Council is a non-profit, voluntary service association of local Kansas governments to provide services of mutual benefit to the region with the goal of enhancing economic vitality and improving quality of life throughout the Flint Hills.

Ways We Do This:

  • Collaborate with local governments, agencies and residents
  • Partner on funding opportunities to meet match requirements
  • Administer for the Flint Hills Economic Development District

5-Year Sustainability Plan

The Flint Hills Regional Council has completed the process to produce a 5-year Sustainability Plan for FHRC to enhance economic growth and quality of life in the Flint Hills. Visit the project portal to see the summary and report!

Our Powerful Potential

The Flint Hills Regional Council supports the region's largest economic generator - Fort Riley - and the surrounding communities. Goals include bringing more funding to the region, job creation, quality of place, population retention, stretching local dollars further, coordinating regionally when it makes sense, and working to move local priorities forward.

2021-2026 FHEDD Plan

The vision of the Flint Hills Economic Development District is to increase regional prosperity by being a globally competitive, business-friendly region comprised of healthy communities that sustain a high-quality of life.

Our Additional Services

We also provide community planning, grant, and technical assistance to our member jurisdictions.  We understand and value the importance of working collaboratively, as we are stronger together and more effective.  Industry markets, workforce, public health, access to healthcare and mental health services, emergency services and environmental issues do not stop at jurisdictional boundaries.  These issues require cooperation and coordination between communities.  The Flint Hills Regional Council exists to support the facilitation of collaborative efforts that bring mutual benefit to the region.

Our meetings are open to the public.

We welcome your support and service!