Our Region's Most Valuable Designation

Our Region's Most Valuable Designation


The Flint Hills Economic Development District is our region's most valuable designation.

Economic Development Designation = Access to Millions of Dollars to Support Our Region.

Flint Hills Regional Council's coordinator role to oversee the implementation of our regional economic development plan is critical to the region, and no other entity is positioned to assist in this way for the seven-county area.

Achieved through a locally-based, regionally-driven economic development planning process


This designation enables the Flint Hills Regional Council to apply for invitation-only / non-competitive funding through the Economic Development Administration in support of our regional economic development plan serving Chase, Geary, Lyon, Morris, Pottawatomie, Riley and Wabaunsee Counties.  This District was formed in October 2014.  A pre-requisite for the plan is our regional economic development plan, called the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).

2021-2026 FHEDD Plan

Our Regional Plan is Currently Being Updated In Parntership with our Local Economic Development Professionals and Seven-County Community Stakeholders.

The Updated Plan will be submitted to the Economic Development Administration by September 2021.


Chase County

Geary County

Lyon County

Morris County

Pottawatomie County

Riley County

Wabaunsee County

Flint Hills Economic Development District = Chase, Geary, Lyon, Morris, Pottawatomie, Riley & Wabaunsee Counties

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Regional Economic Development Plan Update

Regional Economic Development Plan

Due September 2021 to Economic Development Administration

Regional Recovery & Resiliency Plan

Chase County Housing Assessment

Chase County Housing Assessment

Assessed More Than 850 Homes in Five Communities

Assessment Report will be Finalized January 2021

Saint George Comprehensive Plan

Steering Committee Meets Every Two Weeks

Housing Assessment Underway

Open House - February 2021

Plan Adoption March 2021

Connecting Businesses to Entrepreneur Consultation

Connecting Businesses to Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship

Providing Interested Business List to K-State for 2021 Spring & Fall Semesters

FHRC Members Are Selecting At Least One Businesses to Participate

Wait List Will Be Created Depending on Level of Interest

District Supported by EDA Funds

Our EDA Planning Partnership Grant Enables FHRC to Apply for Additional Funding that Supports Our Flint Hills Region

Flint Hills Economic Development District

Supporting Our Largest Economic Generator - Fort Riley & Surrounding Communities

Supporting Redevelopment Opportunities