Business Confidence Survey

In January 2021, FHRC conducted a first quarter COVID-19 business confidence survey to better understand what our businesses need to help direct our recovery and resiliency efforts. The first quarter survey was administered through Survey Monkey from January 8, 2021 - February 5, 2021 and received 127 responses from across the Flint Hills Economic Development District. The survey was distributed by local chambers, economic development professionals, community members, and FHRC staff.

The responses came from a large cross-section of companies from across the Flint Hills Economic Development District, including both large and small businesses. Industries represented include many impacted by efforts to help “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of COVID-19: retail, food services, personal services, events, arts, entertainment, and recreation.

Explore the survey results in the "Initial Findings" section and charts below or click the button to access the survey results report.


Losing business and customer traffic were the biggest concerns for respondents’ organizations and employees. 

COVID exposure of staff and employees (quarantines, staff turnover) was the most cited impact, followed by their target market has avoided going out.

Cumulatively, over 25% of respondents responded they are unsure or do not feel like they have the resources and information needed to bring employees back to work safely.

Faster access to vaccines was the most cited tool or resource that would most help their business survive the pandemic and be able to thrive during the recovery.

Marketing/social media marketing was the most cited training/technical assistance category to help respondents’ businesses be more resilient.

20% of respondents plan to create a social media presence and/or increase marketing.