2014 Workforce Alignment Study

This report is an update of the "Greater Fort Riley Area Labor Basin Labor Availability Analysis" of 

The Docking Institute report focused on an “Available Labor Pool” of 33,802 workers, or 21% 
of the population, in the nine counties immediately surrounding Fort Riley. This report extends that 
“pool” by looking at where the workforce actually comes from, as reported in commuting data 
collected by the US Census. In fact, 36% of the Economic Development District region’s workforce commutes from outside the seven-county area, gaining 5,289 more workers daily from those commuting into the region, as opposed to those commuting out of the region.

This mobile workforce broadens the scope of our study and broadens our workforce by drawing a highly educated and diverse workforce from across the state. The Economic Development District workforce are drawn to the higher than average wage government jobs in the area, and yet, the region’s average earnings sits at just 76% of the National Average Earnings and 89% of the State Average Earnings.