Westmoreland's Future Comprehensive Plan

In the Summer of 2017, staff and city officials met to begin the comprehensive planning process. The Flint Hills Regional Council is facilitating the planning process by working with the local governing body, a steering committee of local leaders, and the citizens of Westmoreland. The planning process is trying to be as inclusive as possible to all community members by providing various ways for people to participate in the process, including a public survey, interviews, and a series of public open houses.  
The comprehensive plan focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and how to build a stronger community for the future. Westmoreland’s Future looks to guide the city over the next ten years. Westmoreland is working through the comprehensive plan process and is tentatively scheduled to be complete by May of 2018. 
Documentation of the planning process is available at www.westmorelandsfuture.com.
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