2025 Council Grove Comprehensive Plan

In the spring of 2015, city officials and citizens initiated the process for the Council Grove 2025 Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive planning process was a collaborative effort amongst all persons involved in the plan creation. The Flint Hills Regional Council facilitated the planning process working with the local governing body, a steering committee of local leaders, and the citizens of Council Grove. The planning process tried to be as inclusive as possible to all community members by providing various ways for people to participate in the process, including a public survey, interviews, and multiple public engagement sessions.  

The comprehensive plan focuses on the how to continue to build upon the existing strengths of the community as well as identify future opportunities for improvement.  The Council Grove 2025 Comprehensive Plan will provide a roadmap to help Council Grove thrive and prosper for the next ten years.  The plan was approved by the Council Grove Zoning & Planning Committee and adopted in April 2016 by the Council Grove City Council.

To view the comprehensive plan, please visit the website at Council Grove Comprehensive Plan.