Flint Hills Leaders Retreat 2017

Posted on January 24, 2017


In mid-January, more than 250 business leaders from Junction City, Manhattan, Wamego, Geary, Pottawatomie and Riley County assembled for the annual 2017 Regional Leaders Retreat. The main objective of the Regional Leaders Retreat is to strategize and conceptualize how the region can unite and improve the overall quality of place and life. The Chamber would like to thank Platinum sponsor Sink, Gordon & Associates.

Presentations by 2017 Speakers:

Asset Target Advisory Group: Bill Lansdowne, The Simmons Company
Military Target Advisory Group: William Clark, The Simmons Company
Workforce Target Advisory Group: Jason Moore, Purple Wave Auction
Regional Community Economic Impact Analysis: Charlie Perham, Matrix Design Group
Fort Riley Status and Future - BG Patrick D. Frank, COL John D. Lawrence 
Strategy to Update the Joint Land Use Study for the Flint Hills Region - Gary Stith, Flint Hills Regional Council
Report from Governor's Military Council - LTG (R) Perry Wiggins, Governor's Military Council
Inter-Region Visit: Northwest Arkansas - Kristin Brighton, LJ Baker, Cherlyn White-Conklin
Future of Multimodal Transportation - Stephanie Watts and Jared Trembly, Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization
Kansas State University Economic Impact and Athletics 2016 Impact Study - Jeff Morris, Kansas State University
"5,000 jobs: $450,000,000 Payroll" - Kent Glasscock and Rebecca Robinson, Kansas State University - Institute for Commercialization

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