History of the Hills

Posted on November 16, 2015

The Flint Hills Regional Council was launched in 2010. The FHRC was constructed by the three-county region of Geary, Pottawatomie, and Riley counties in northeast-central Kansas. There were several key points to keep the future vision of FHRC alive:

  • Express value to regional partners
  • Develop strategies for common challenges
  • Serve the local governments
  • Grow interest with state and national governments
  • Have a financially secure future
  • Maintain a positive outlook on the region's new future 

To avoid giving too much attention to large regional partners the first elected Board of Directors Chair for the FHRC came from one of the 22 local communities, known as small regional partners. A strategy agreed upon was to develop a three-year plan focused on measurable accomplishments for the new FHRC, along with many other strategies such as creating a new regional data base to help local governments build on cooperative activities, participate in joint lobbying with the hope of influencing the State Capitol and Washington D.C, and to continue relations with federal funding agencies. The development of the new regional council was supported by large institutional partners such as Kansas State University and Fort Riley. FHRC hires many interns from Kansas State University. FHRC consists of 20 board members and has been successful for almost six years.