Splash Pad at Grandview Plaza

February 17, 2016

Grandview Plaza


Grandview Plaza prepares for a new summer attraction. At the Dec. 15 meeting it was voted to continue the plans for the Splash Pad. Grandview Plaza’s chief policeman Peirano came up with the idea for the Splash Park., Grandview Plaza Mayor Honey Grant, and City Fire Chief Jerome Thomas are working with Chief Peirano on the project.

Being a member of FHRC, FHRC help Grant and develop a grant for the Splash Pad. Having the Splash Pad at Grandview Plaza’s park will keep kids from swimming in the river. Kids will no longer have to ride their bikes downtown to the swimming pool. Grant sees this park as an outlet for as safe entertainment for the kids. Grant also wants to encourage people from Junction City to use the Splash Park.