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The Flint Hills Regional Council is a voluntary service association of local Kansas governments from Chase, Clay, Geary, Dickinson, Lyon, Morris, Riley, Pottawatomie, and Wabaunsee counties and/or their respective municipalities and unincorporated areas. These local Flint Hills governments have formed the Flint Hills Regional Council to provide services of mutual benefit to the region that are best gained from cooperation and partnership.


Enhancing the economic viability and improving the quality of life through regional collaboration in the Flint Hills.


The north central Flint Hills Region of Chase, Clay, Dickinson, Geary, Lyon,  Morris, Pottawatomie, Riley and Wabaunsee counties is flourishing with an exceptional Heartland lifestyle, world class knowledge economy, and inspiring Tallgrass Prairie Environment. The accomplishments of the individual and district communities of the region have been achieved through an extraordinary level of trust, cooperation and mutual support. The achievements have been gained with the vision, leadership and expertise of the Flint Hills Regional Council, including the contributions of partners, such as Kansas State University, Fort Riley, and local chambers of commerce.

  • FHRC Receives Art Grant

    In January 2020, the Flint Hills Regional Council (FHRC) received a $20,000 grant from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (KCAIC).  FHRC will work with arts organizations throughout the Central Flint Hills Region to create an interactive website that will map the location and type of arts assets.  We have identified over 80 arts/...

  • Staff

    The Flint Hills Regional Council staff supports the collaborative planning mission of the Flint Hills Regional Council through leadership support, pooling technical resources and forging community development partnerships. From GIS mapping and data processing to outreach and policy facilitation, our staff provides the region with collaborative ...

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    View past meeting agendas and notes.

  • Testimonials

    "Throughout the Flint Hills, we all face similar challenges. The Flint Hills Regional Council provides the unique opportunity to sit together at the table and create real solutions for all. A truly great group!"

  • Board Members

    More than 20 local leaders participate on our board.